Grandma Lets Out Excited Squeal When She’s Surprised By Not One, But Two Baby Announcements

Surrounded by her three grandchildren and daughter, Jennifer Budz, Robin Peterson screams the house down when she reaches into a gift bag and pulls out a newborn’s onesie. After a series of tragic miscarriages, Robin believed that her family circle was all but completed 10 years ago, after the birth of her third grandchild, Abigal, causing her to cry profusely while shouting ‘no way’ over and over again. As the excitement levels continue to rise, Robin’s voice turns to a high-pitched shriek with her words being muddled into an incoherent noise, as she dances around the kitchen. Just as Robin begins to come to terms with the unexpected news, Jennifer has one last surprise up her sleeve, as she pulls out another onesie from her pocket, causing a frenzy to ensue once more. Take a look!

The best part is that the older kids are all in on the surprise. When grandma finds out about baby number one, they hug her and watch her excitement, but when baby number two is revealed, all bets are off – this is news the whole family can’t wait to celebrate!

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