Street Musician Shocked When Elderly Woman’s Dancing Steals The Show

Know who the bravest person in the world is? An elderly woman who is done living for other people. This woman shows that better than most as she decides to steal the show from a street musician as he’s strumming along. You’re going to laugh at this hilarious moment a granny stole the show as she danced to swelling jazzy tunes. The grey-haired groover can be seen throwing some impressive shapes as Borja Catanesi plays the guitar, during a performance in Valencia, Spain. Borja, a full-time street performer, travels the world in his camper van and has played in Spain, Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and New Zealand. The 22-year-old said: “This lady just passed by and suddenly started dancing. She was there for around ten minutes, she was really kind.” Take a look!

Personally, I think the two should join forces. They make a pretty powerhouse duo, if you ask me.

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