High School Graduate Breaks Down As Parents Surprise Her With A New Puppy!

Graduation is a huge deal. For most kids it means starting a new life away from the family, and that can be a lonely prospect. Having someone by your side to love you through that transition can make all the difference in the world. This young woman got the surprise of her life after her parents buy her a puppy. Kirby Mackenzie, 18, breaks down in tears when her parents, Doug and Sharon Mackenzie, give her a gift bag containing a happy little puppy as a graduation present. Take a look!

Dad, Doug, a warehouse laborer, said: “Kirby has wanted a mini wiener dog as long as we can remember. Constantly dropping hints, sending us pictures all the time. We do have a large Coon hound, but that is really my son’s dog.” I’m guessing as Kirby goes off to university, she’ll feel a lot less lonely with this tiny pooch by her side. The puppy still doesn’t have a name, but from the looks of things, she’ll have all the love in the world.

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