Brave Young Cancer Survivor Excitedly Rings Bell At The End Of Her Chemo Treatments!

At some point we’ve all been touched by someone we know having cancer. We’ve seen first hand how it ravages, and heard the amazing survival stories of those who make it through. This was the heart-warming moment that a young girl was able to show to the world that she had completed chemotherapy, ringing a bell in celebration in front of her fellow patients and staff in her hospital ward. The uplifting video shows the delight and pride on six-year-old Evangaline Speese’s face as she is told she is able to ring the bell; smiles also plastered on the faces of the children around her. It was filmed by Evangaline’s mother, Amanda, 35, at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Outpatient Clinic, in Florida. Take a look!

Evangaline’s battle started late last year, when the youngster was discovered to have a Wilms’ tumor on her left kidney in November. After a successful operation to remove the tumour, brave Evangaline was then discovered to have chlothorax, which required her to be fed intravenously and have a second surgery soon after the first. But with the dedication of her doctors and her own determination, Evangaline has now made it through and is well on her road to recovery. Congratulations!!

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