Toddlers Cover Themselves In Butter To Make Pancakes

The scariest thing in the world is little kids who are quiet. And Jodi Hargraves now knows that first hand! This exasperated mom was left thinking she couldn’t believe it was butter when her two toddler sons covered themselves head to toe in the spread even getting it in their HAIR. Jodi Hargraves had left Mason, two, and three-year-old Jaxson in their bedroom at home in South Lyon, Michigan, believing they were watching a film. Collecting all the dirty laundry from her bedroom, Jodi was called to the kids when her husband received a phone interview only to be greeted in their lounge by the boys smothered in the oily spread. Stunned by the sight, Mason has butter all in his hair while Jaxson says the reason they wanted the ingredients was to make pancakes before admitting it was now in his brother’s bedroom. Jodi said: “I honestly didn’t know how to react. Take a look!

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