‘Bubble Man’ Of Pakistan Lives Live Of Lonely Solitude

Humans were never meant to live in isolation. We all need other people in our lives to be healthy, but some people don’t have a choice in the matter. A Pakistani man with hundreds of bubble-like tumours that have ravaged his body has been forced to live as a recluse as people fear he would infect them. Habib Ullah Khan, 56, from Karachi, had first bout of small lumps growing on his abdomen at the age of 10. Since then his body has slowly been ravaged by benign tumours, spreading to his legs, arms, neck and even his face. Habib suffers from a severe case of Neurofibramatosis, an incurable condition in which non-cancerous lumps grow in the nervous system and affects just one in 3,000 births. However, it is not the pain of the bubble mass but rather the public mockery that is forcing Khan, an unmarried man, to live an isolated life. Take a look!

While most of us do not face a life like Habib, he is a reminder to us all that we should be kind to those we fear, to those we feel our different than ourselves. We were never meant to live alone…and most of us are much more fortunate than we ever imagine.

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