Teenagers Playing On Teeter Totter Quickly Realize It Wasn’t Built For Them

Do you remember being a teenager and having that moment of nostalgia hit where you want to play on the jungle gym like you did when you were a kid? I remember it. I remember sneaking into the elementary school playground as a teen so that I and my friends could ride the slides and swing on the swings again. Only, the swings were not really built for us. Our butts were way too big and the chains kept pinching. Still, at least nothing happened to us like what happened to this teen playing on a teeter totter. While she and her friend are playing away, something goes, well, wrong and she falls off. Take a look!

That’s the other thing about nostalgia. It’s fun when you’re remembering all the ups, not quite as great remembering the downs. From the way her friend is laughing, it looks like this girl survived…though, she may not want to teeter or totter again any time soon.

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