Veterinarian Freaks Out When He Finds 6 Red Growths On This Animal

Devil Ark conservationist Tim Faulkner announced on July 26 that eastern quolls, previously extinct on Australia’s mainland, had been successfully bred at Barrington Tops in New South Wales. In a statement, the animal preservation project said: “Staff conducted pouch checks on two of the female quolls and confirmed 12 joeys. This number is expected to climb to 30 with final pouch checks of the remaining females to be completed in the coming weeks.”

“Devil Ark’s plan is to secure the species with an insurance population, then return them to wild when the species is at stable numbers. “Currently classified as endangered, the eastern quoll is a medium-sized carnivorous marsupial native to Australia. Once found throughout Australia, they have now been declared extinct on the mainland due to introduced feral predators and now only exist and thrive in Tasmania. The successful breeding at Devil Ark sees the species back in one of its initial habitats for the first time since the mainland extinction.” Take a look!

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