A mom-of-two was stunned when she discovered her hubby’s lost wedding ring, believed to have gone missing while playing football a year ago – in a DEFROSTED CURRY. Annie Robb was clearing out the freezer last Wednesday (July 12), when she spotted a long-forgotten curry lurking at the back that she put aside to defrost before throwing out. Child minder Annie initially thought it was a bottle top or keyring but on closer inspection, she was bowled over to discover her husband Chris Robb’s white gold wedding ring he lost 12 months ago nestled in the defrosted meal. Take a look!

The couple had thought the hand-made sentimental piece, engraved with the couple’s wedding date of September 21 2002 in Roman numerals, had gone missing at a Thursday night football session. Frantic Chris and his footy pals combed the pitch for 45 minutes on the night and even used a metal detector the next time they played in a desperate bid to track it down.

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