This is the tear-jerking moment a dying mother clings on to her very last breaths in her hospital bed to watch her daughter graduate, before tragically passing away shortly afterwards. During the final stages of her 10-month battle with breast cancer, in Burlington, Vermont, 55-year-old Patty Parrotte overcomes a ‘miracle’ to ensure she sees her youngest child, Samantha, graduate from high school. After spending several days in a state of unresponsive psychosis, rendering her almost ‘unrecognisable’, the mother-of-four stuns her family as she says, ‘sorry for the way I look’, to the teachers conducting the special ceremony, providing a glimpse of the ‘woman she was before the illness’. As the Graduation March begins to play, in walks 18-year-old Samantha, clad in her white gown and mortar, rousing a smile of unbridled pride and joy on Patty’s face for the last time, before leaning in close and whispering that she ‘loves her’. Take a look!

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