This is the adorable moment a soldier surprises his adoring nephew during a school assembly, after spending eight long months away. After spending two thirds of the year out of state on deployment, Pvt. Humberto Joel Rodriguez is now on a mission of his own as he marches through the halls of his nephew, Julian’s, school, in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Walking into the school assembly, the 22-year-old soldier is greeted by a sea of anticipating face as it is announced that, for one of them, a very special guest has arrived. Raising to his feet in disbelief, 9-year-old Julian Rodriguez bounds over to his ‘hero’ uncle, wrapping his arms around him tightly as the tears continue to fall. Also watching on, trying to fight the emotion, father of Julian, Juan, said: “Everybody was incredibly emotional, it was such a happy thing to witness. Take a look!

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