Should you be concerned if you four-year-old can’t spell yet? Well, according to parents Amber and Chris Bull, you might want to consider that your toddler is playing a practical joke on you! Their four-year-old daughter Waverly is a true superstar and they love to film her antics on camera. Her latest lunacy in trying to spell and making an adorable mess of it in the process! Amber says that her baby daughter is a natural born prankster and that is all recorded in this clip. When Amber asks Waverly to spell “mom”, the little girl starts spewing some mumbo jumbo, before saying every letter in the alphabet! It kinds makes you think if she is misspelling the word with such hilarity on purpose. It looks as if the clever toddler thinks “oh well, just because I haven’t gone to school yet, doesn’t mean I can’t just wing it; who will know anyway?” Take a look! The most priceless part about the whole ordeal is that she babbles nonsense and finishes by saying “mo-mmy”, as if that covers it – further proving that this girl is a riot! Waverly is currently in preschool and is actively learning both her letters and numbers, so she will be able to spell her own name and we are eagerly eating for that video to come out!

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