This Dog Could Be The World’s First Canine Art Critic

This adorable dog is her artist owner’s harshest critic, giving her master’s works serious PAWS for though by staring at them for ages at a time. Ella Fitzgerald, a six-year-old golden retriever, looks longingly into her owner Julia S. Powell’s paintings – often snootily turning her head to the camera before returning to analyze each painting. Ella’s antics have seen her receive a number of heart-warming messages on Julia’s Instagram account, and she has even gone as far as to don a hat, glasses and a scarf while looking at the works. Take a look!

The lovable pup has spent up to two minutes at a time without breaking her gaze, Julia, who live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, said. Julia noticed Ella’s unique interest in her works when she recently returned from a two-week visit to Japan – the longest the pair had been apart.

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