When It Comes To Pulling Teeth, Apparently Chickens Make Really Great Dentists

We bet that you have never seen a video quite like this before! Have a loose tooth that needs to be pulled? Don’t settle for the boring string on a door handle trick! Go see this amazing chicken dentist instead! This cute little boy got the help of his trusty pet chicken to help him pull out his loose tooth with nothing more than a string and some courage! This is one video that you are not going to want to miss as you will surely laugh out loud!

We’ve all pulled out our baby teeth before in some way, shape or form; biting into an apple, tying it to a door knob and closing the door or even just pulling it out with your hands, but have you ever used a chicken before? This family is crazy innovative and just plane funny for using that chicken! Who would have thought a chicken would even work?! Looks like now you have an easy and funny way to take out baby teeth, you just have to have access to a chicken! Take a look!

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