A lot of dogs steal food but it is hard to do when people watch the plates. That is why Charlie here has become a sort-of specialist when it comes to finding new ways of gaining food. This is not something new or unusual for Beagles! Since they are such energetic dogs, Beagles spend a lot of energy, so they need to eat. Because of this instinctual habit of theirs, Beagles are one of those dog breeds which are dangerously prone to obesity. As they mature, Beagles can become lazy, always content to lie about the house all day, just getting up for their meals and the occasional belly rub. This is why potential Beagle owners are always advised to measure and monitor their dog’s meals. Charlie the Beagle was introduced to baby Laura the moment her parents brought her home. His owners have taught him a lot of helpful tricks, but it seems that Charlie has taught himself a few tricks of his own! Take a look!

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