This is the incredible moment a grateful son left his mom stunned when he gave her a brand-new house for free. Realtor Josh DeShong spent almost a year refurbishing a dilapidated home and wanted to show it off to his mother Vickie Reynolds. Having not seen it for three months, Vickie marvels at the interior decorations even rubbing the granite kitchen surfaces. When Josh tells his mom ‘you never have to move out of this house’, she bursts into tears as they embrace in her beautifully decorated kitchen. She definitely didn’t see this one coming! This video can’t help but to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Josh should win son of the year award for this amazing gesture for his mother. Many people can relate to growing up the way that Josh did, and him repaying his mother back for all that she has done makes it feel like a victory for all of us. Take a look!

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