Every little kid wants to do what the big kids are doing, and this little puppy is no exception. This persistent pooch refused to be beaten when fetching a Sunday newspaper almost twice her size. Gracie the adorable Labrador decided to follow in her mom and grandmother’s footsteps by collecting the paper for owner Peter Schulz. After getting to the end of the drive in Jupiter, Florida, USA, the four-month-old tries to wrap her jaws around the pages. Before carrying it more than a couple of feet, the heavy publication slips from her teeth and on to the ground. Not to be deterred, she goes back and tries again. And again. And even after she flips head over tail, she will not let this paper win. Take a look! Puppies are adorable, but watching one this determined to do what she’s trained to do is just enough to make you say, ‘Aww!’. Keep working at it, Gracie, you’ll have this figured out in no time!

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