Little Girl Defends Dog From Mom’s Accusations!

Another heart-warming video emerges as this little girl helps her friend. Sierra is getting very skilled at defending her puppy. She may want to become an animal rights attorney someday. Watch as Sierra skillfully asks her mother pertinent questions about the crime and if there is enough evidence to claim the puppy is guilty. What a charm! This adorable video is one that will surely be remembered by Sierra, her mom and viewers alike. It is one that should not be missed! Isn’t this video one of the cutest things you have ever seen? The way Sierra defends her favorite pup is so adorable that it just warms you up and melts your heart. She should definatly be an attorney one day as her effort seemed to have worked on her mom, getting her puppy off the hook! Maybe it was the birds and squirrels that did it! Take a look!

Although the cushions seem to be ripped up now, more patio furniture could always be purchased to fill the spot of the cushions. Do you think the birds or squirrels did this? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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