Vancouver Officer Yells At Mother Who Left Kids In Hot Car

A Vancouver police officer berated a mother for leaving her children in a hot car while she grocery shopped on the afternoon of Monday, July 3. Police said they received multiple emergency calls about her two children, aged 3 and 6, who were said to be in distress while alone inside the car as the alarm went off. A full emergency response, including police and fire services were dispatched to the grocery store on Grandview Highway. Police said that the mother had been inside the grocery store for 20 minutes while her children were locked inside the car on the hot day. The file has been turned over to the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Young children should not be left in cars no matter what, especially on a hot days! Even with window shades, the car can get extremely hot! Good thing some good samaritan called for help when they saw the kids in distress. Hopefully this mom will never, ever do this again!

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