Girl Is Shocked To Find Out There’s An Actual Baby In Mom’s Belly

Kids learn about life at their own speed. Some have questions right away, while some seem to make up their own reasons for life being the way it is. When my daughter was maybe four years old she asked me where babies came from. I took a deep breath, tried to suss out the right way to tell her in my brain, and panicked all at the same time…because I wasn’t ready for her to be at that stage yet. So, I did what any good parent does…I asked, “What do you mean?” Turns out she didn’t want to know about reproduction. She couldn’t remember the word ‘hospital’ and knew that’s where her ‘Paw-Paw’ was and that babies lived there. She just wanted to visit her Paw-Paw. Within the year we started having the talk anyway, but boy I was I happy not to have it that night. From the looks of this video, this little girl might need the talk sooner rather than later…as she’s watching her mama’s ultrasound, she’s not only shocked to learn a baby is in there, but has her own idea for how it got there. Take a look!

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