Judge Laughs When He Sees Ticket, Dismisses It Immediately

For most of us, getting a ticket is a pain in the butt, and definitely not something we are happy about. But, also for most of us, it’s completely justified. Sure, maybe there are people doing worse things than going a little over the speed limit, or turning right on red without coming to a complete stop (at two in the morning when there are literally no other cars on the road…not that I’m bitter), but again, we kinda earned it. This woman, though? Even the judge thinks her ticket is ridiculously unjustified and can’t stop laughing when he sees it. Take a look!

Seriously, this hardened criminal woman might be the most guiltless ticket-receiver ever. To get a ticket for parking two-seconds too soon is just a little bit on the cray-cray side. I’m so glad the judge agreed, and I’m hoping whoever wrote the ticket got to take a vacation…because someone who would write a ticket for parking two-seconds too early is in desperate need of a break!

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