We raised newfoundlands when I was a little girl. They were show dogs, but also rescue animals, and trained as such. And whenever we took them to the water to swim or practice, we had to watch carefully to make sure they didn’t try to ‘save’ anyone who didn’t want to be saved. Apparently, this dog’s family didn’t watch as closely. While enjoying his summer fun, this little boy ended up being ‘rescued’ by a dog determined to make sure he was completely safe and out of the water. Only, the kid wasn’t drowning and didn’t need to be saved. Still, this pup did what he had to and the outcome is absolutely hysterical! Take a look!

It’s like this dog is thinking, “I’m going to save you whether you need saving or not!” And then does. Luckily, the boy seemed to be a pretty good sport about it…even if he didn’t want to be rescued. Hopefully next time he goes swimming the dog will be busy ‘rescuing’ someone who actually needs it!

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