Sassy Little Girl Blocks Slide At The Zoo

Some kids have a little more sass than others. And then there’s this kid. This kid has ALL the sass. While visiting the zoo, this little girl decided to become the slide troll and refused to let anyone else past. Which is funny, but she was very serious. Now, I know some of you are probably feeling a bit feisty about that, like, “Who does that little girl think she is not letting anyone else go through?”, but bear with me for a second. First off, I have no idea what started this, but I love her commitment. Misplaced, sure, but commitment all the same. Even as some of the people in the crowd (and yes, there is a crowd) try to talk their way through, she sticks to her own little logical guns. Annoying? Sure. But an amazing trait to have as she gets older? Absolutely! Take a look!

People did eventually get through, so no harm no foul, but I still think this little kid is epic. Also, I’m totally hiring her to be the bouncer if I ever need one. She’s that good.

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One Comment

  1. laura archer says:

    Nothing funny about this! Nothing to admire! Just move her out of the way. Don’t encourage her by laughing. And she needs a serious talking to.

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