Little Girl Wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With Snow White

We all have favorite characters from our childhood. And some we didn’t care as much for. I’ve never been a fan of Sleeping Beauty. She’s so…boring. Most of her story is told while she’s taking a nap and I just was never down with that. Snow White, though? She was my jam. Snow white was kindness and hard work, and happiness all wrapped up into one perky little singing bundle of joy. Who wouldn’t love that? Well, this girl, apparently. While visiting Disney Snow White came to this family’s table for a chance to give them a photo op with their daughter…only, the little girl wants nothing to do with Snow White. Maybe it’s the fact that Snow White is trying to get her to smile. Maybe her mac-n-cheese is just really good. Who knows. But instead of smiling, this kiddo made it super duper clear she wants nothing to do with Snow White or any of her shenanigans. Take a look!

Seriously, that is a Monday face if I’ve ever seen one. This kid makes her intentions incredibly clear without ever having to say a word and I can not stop laughing about it!

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