Baby Falls For Sprinkler Trick Over And Over Again

Sometimes parenting is about doing everything you can to protect your child. It’s about taking care of them and making sure the world around them doesn’t knock them down too hard. And when the world does hit too hard, sometimes it’s about picking them back up and helping them realize they can hit back. But sometimes…sometimes parenting is about tricking your children over and over again. Not hurting them, mind. Nothing that’ll make them have trust issues for the rest of their life. But little things. I mean, we parents have to have fun, too, right? Well, it’s summer and I think at some point most of us have done the hose trick on our children. You know, crimping the hose, letting them look in, and then letting the water fly. Well, these parents took things a step further, and it is hilarious! Take a look!

So the first time that happened I was like, “That poor baby. He had no idea that was coming.” Second time I was like, “Okay, he should have had some idea…” By that third time I realized this baby not only knows the water is coming, but is having a blast. Way to go parents!

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