We all know kids don’t like vegetables. I mean, sure, there are SOME kids who go for the greens, but by and large kids are not a fan. And as parents we all have to find new and interesting ways to try to entice/trick/bribe/ and or force our kids to eat their veggies. This little girl’s parents realized that the way to get her to eat them was to give her some ranch dressing to dip them in. Only, turns out the little girl LOVES ranch and still doesn’t care much for the veggies. Pretty quickly she figures out she can eat the ranch without ever having to chop down on the offending carrot. But…it’s not that she’s avoiding the vegetable that’s funny. It’s the WAY she eats the ranch that will have you laughing out loud. Take a look!

Have you ever seen a kid eat like that before? She’s like a little puppy or kitten or something. Or maybe she thinks ranch is like ice cream and she doesn’t want to lose a single drip. Who knows what it is, all I know is she was super funny to watch.

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