Play Ground Toy Makes This Toddler Dizzier Than She’s Ever Been

One of the most fun parts of parenting is introducing our kids to things for the first time. I mean, yes, sometimes it’s good things. Healthy things. Like that first taste of a banana, or teaching them to walk. But sometimes…sometimes the things we introduce them to are for our own pure amusement. Like, what little kid really needs to taste a lemon, am I right? But we all do it…because watching their face pucker is fun. And this. This is fun. While hanging out at the park, this little girl wanted to play on a piece of equipment that was maybe a bit old for her. Mom could have told her no, and moved on, but where’s the fun in that? So instead, mom gets her up there and lets her experience it full on. Take a look!

The other great thing about kids this little is when they fall over, they don’t have to fall far. This baby wasn’t hurt, but watching her stumble around like that is something her parents will never forget. And since they caught it on video, neither will she.

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