Baby Loves Playing With Mom, Not Such A Big Fan Of Dad

Babies have their preferences. It’s just the way it is. So while one baby might love being cuddled on her tummy, another might only like the football hold. One might love the paci and another might hate it. Well, when my son was little he preferred my husband over me by, like, a lot. And it was heartbreaking and hilarious all at the same time. It only lasted for a couple of weeks, but those weeks were rough. Anytime I’d come near my son, try to play with him, feed him, he’d go into a screaming fit. But when the hubster would do it? Love and giggles. My son was about one and a half at the time, and it passed, but I will never forget that. And I’m guessing the daddy in this video will never forget how his son prefers mom to dad. Take a look!

Just like with my son, I’m guessing this will pass. Babies get into rhythms and it takes them a while to rebound. Don’t worry, dad…your little buddy will be cute and cuddly again soon enough. And if not, maybe invent in a wig and some pretty smelling perfume…

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