Toddler Rocks Out And Sings Along With AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’

This is adorable! This little girl named Lara is only 18-months-old but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know a good tune when she hears one! She sings along to the chorus of ‘Thunderstruck’ in this hilarious clip! She may only be 18-months-old but she is already becoming a rock star! I think we might see her rocking out on the stage in the future. She definitely knows how to perform! It is so funny to see her add in arm movements as well. She is very into the music! Maybe she wants to play the drums? Little kids love to copy everything they see or hear, it is nice to see they enjoy something so much at that age. There isn’t too much to worry about when you’re a baby, all you need to do is eat and sleep! Lucky them! If only we could all be stress free like these adorable kids. Do your kids love music just as much as Lara? Take a look at her adorable video below!

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