Burly Man Reduced To Tears After His Stepson Gives Him A Special Gift

There are a lot of things kids can do to make their parents cry happy tears. Graduate. Do well on a big test. Show an act of unexpected kindness toward someone who needed it. These things are all big and important, but for a lot of parents the big gestures are pretty limited. Even more so for step-parents. As a step-parent it can feel almost impossible to truly share those big moments with the kids. Especially when they’re older when you come into their lives. But, as this father found out, sometimes those kids can still surprise you and change your life completely.

This father could not stop crying with happiness when presented adoption papers by his stepson. Tyler Dukes, 20, asked his step-dad of seven years to adopt him as his son so he could take on his surname. Blake Wilson, 34, who works in sales was handed the surprise of his life and obviously touched by the incredible gesture. Take a look!

This might have been a surprise to Blake, but I’m sure for Tyler it was only making official what he’d believed for a while now: that Blake truly is the father he always wanted in his life.

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