This Little Girl Loves Her Octopus, But Can’t Quite Say ‘Tentacles’…

When my nephew was little, he couldn’t say ‘calamari’. He loved it, but couldn’t say it. Or, maybe he just couldn’t remember what it was called. So every we went out to eat at a place that he thought might serve it, he’d ask if they had any ‘tentacles’. Only…just like the little girl in this video…he couldn’t say ‘tentacles’, either. I’m guessing you can guess what he (and she) said instead, but it doesn’t make it any less adorable. It’s not that I want to hear kiddo’s mispronouncing things, but it’s so pure and amazing when it happens that I’ll never be mad about it. This kiddo is absolutely in love with her octopus. And she loves everything about him. Especially his ‘tentacles’. Take a look!

How cute is she? Like I said, I know we Want our kids to know the proper name for things, but there’s only so long that they can get away with saying ‘pasgetti’ or ‘cimamom’ or, well, ‘not tentacles’. I’m sure she’ll learn to enunciate this one soon enough, but until then, mom’s gonna have plenty of footage to show her dates in about thirteen or so years…

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