Man Shocked By Adorable Surprise Photobomber!

A sea lion jumps aboard a man’s kayak and decided that he found his new best friend. The man is surprised, but very accepting that he found a companion. You can clearly see the love in this baby’s face as he cuddles up next to his very comfortable new pal. You’ve seen your dogs cuddle up to their owners; you’ve seen cats do that sometimes, too. We think it is about high time that you see a sea lion pup do the same!

Vincent Fejeran was fishing on his kayak near the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, California when this sea lion pup jumped in the back of his kayak and snuggled up to him, refusing to leave for almost an hour. The baby animal was so comfortable around Fajeran, it even stayed for a few picture and this adorable footage! The clip shows the adorable little animal resting its head on Fejeran’s shoulder, as if they are long lost best buds.

‘Anybody looking for a seal? I seem to have acquired one,’ Fejeran jokes in the video. He mistook the small mammal for a seal, when in fact it was a sea lion. He says that the young refused to leave, even when he kayaked back to shore. He was, however, able to lure him back into the water, where it belongs-safe and sound.

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