This Dog Might Be A Little Bit Jealous Of The New Baby…

When we bring a new baby home, we want everyone to love it. That means other kids, family members, and especially pets. But for pets it isn’t always easy to understand why they’re no longer the center of attention they once were. The dog in this video seems to be struggling with that more than most. When mom and dad bring their new baby over for grandma to meet, this pooch is not quite sure what to think. For one, HIS mama is suddenly all over this smaller creature. Calling IT baby. Petting IT. And he’s not okay with that. In fact, it’s almost as if he thinks if he acts like the baby, maybe he can get her attention back. It’s probably the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Take a look!

I’m guessing this pup will love the baby when she’s old enough to play and not just steal his favorite lap, but until then I’m guessing this pupper is going to make babysitting pretty hard. Or, at very least, he’s going to demand equal attention at all times – as he should.

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