3-Month-Old Giggles As He Sees Mom Clearly For The First Time!

Ever wondered what it would be like to see the world clearly for the first time? Watching three-month-old Everett receive his first pair of glasses makes it pretty clear. Everett has a rare disorder called Oculocutaneous Albinism which affects his vision. But as his mom helps him try out his first pair of glasses, he can’t say enough about how excited he is and he can’t stop giggling at seeing the world clearly for the first time.

”When our son Everett was two months old, we noticed he was not tracking objects or making direct eye contact,” mom wrote online. ”We visited with a pediatric ophthalmologist who suggested Everett has Occulocutaneous Albinism which means he lacks pigment in his eyes, skin and hair.’

”It is a rare disorder which seems to be misunderstood or not widely known about, but people with albinism can do anything everyone else can do. They just need some help with vision and protection from the sun.’

”Our son is doing extremely well with his glasses so far,” she added. Take a look!

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