Summer is here at last and everyone get’s rid of those clunky winter shoes to make space for some lovely sandals. But before you store your sneakers away, make sure that you not storing a tarantshoela with them, as well! That’s right: Marnie Devereux in Yavapai County, Arizona was lucky enough to remember to check her shoes before putting them on, because a massive brown tarantula had moved in one of her sneaker! This is guarunteed to make your skin crawl for all you with arachnophobia out there! Who doesn’t love finding a tarantula in their shoes? Marnie sounds calm enough when the spidey crawl out of it’s new apartment and onto the pavement in front of her. If it were one of us, we probably would have launched that other shoe towards the spider and ran like heck! Check out this tarantula being found in a shoe! Seriously, are you as creeped out as I am? Tag one of your friends who “loves” spiders! I bet they’ll appreciate it!

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