There are some people in this world who make life bad for the rest of us. The do things to hurt people. Sometimes with reason, sometimes without. But these people make life just a little sadder for all of us. Then there are those who manage to make the world a better place just by being themselves. The owner of this car shop is one of those. When a man brought in his graffiti-covered truck to have the graffiti removed, this shop owner knew immediately he had to not only remove that senseless markings, but also do it for free. Even when the man offered to pay, the shop owner would not hear of it. Take a look! When the story went public, donations started flooding in from all over the world. Because as much as there are bad people who try to make the world a darker place, we will always support those who brighten it again. And that’s exactly what this man did. And he deserves every bit of accolade for helping his customer, but also for making the world a little better for all of us.

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