Some people handle sedation better than others. That’s just the way our bodies work. So while some of us can be sedated and return to normal with no problems, others, well, let’s just say it rocks their world. This guy’s world was completely rocked when he woke up and started ‘learning’ about his life. It all started with the chair. “Do you like that chair? Is it better than the one you have at home?” I have a chair at home? he asks, completely shocked. “Yes, remember, your mom and dad bought it for you.” I have a mom and dad!? What happens next is a series of completely amazing revelations that leaves this man in tears and believing he’s the luckiest man in the world. Take a look! I’ve never been one of those people who was affected by sedation, but from this guy’s response I kinda wish I was! He is so sincerely happy about what his life is like and there is no way not to smile after watching him experience probably the best day of his life.

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