Couple Reveals IVF Pregnancy In Heartwarming Video

Getting pregnant and giving birth have to be two of the most extraordinary experiences in a woman’s life. One would assume that it will come naturally when you are ready, but for some that is not the case. For some of those couples trying to conceive, IVF may be their only option. The process is painful and difficult and it doesn’t guarantee success. Fortunately for Matt and Melissa Butner, their treatment was a success and they are expecting their twins in October of 2017! This whimsical video shows their difficult journey towards a family, so grab a box of tissues, you are going to need them! Take a look!

I have friends who have gone through (and some who are going through) IVF treatments, and the waiting is definitely one of the hardest parts. This video highlights that, but also shows the great love that this amazing couple shared through the entire process. Waiting for a child can be painful, frustrating, heartbreaking, and I’m so glad that for this couple, that wait is over. Congratulations!

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