Toddler Speaks Her Mind To Persistent Telemarketer

The joys of having kids. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind when they want to, which can be a blessing and a curse. When the telemarketers won’t take no for an answer, this parent let their daughter handle it. It proved to be an effective tactic as the telemarketer could not seem to get a word in. This toddler wasn’t interested in whatever the telemarketer was selling and she wasn’t afraid to let them know that. If more telemarketers call your house, just let your toddler handle it, works every time! This hilarious video showcases what we all wished we had the guts to do. More people just ignore when a telemarketer calls or politely decline, but when they start to call a lot, you can’t help but get annoyed. This toddler spoke her mind in a hilarious fashion, giving courage to the rest of us to do what she did. Kids can be hilarious when given the right tools. They can bring so much joy into your life, expressed in this amazing and hilarious video here! Take a look!

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