Most of us have faced a bully at some point in our life. Maybe they took away your lunch money. Or your shoes. Or maybe your dignity. But something. For this little girl, her bully is an extinct t-rex, and he stole her bike. Okay, so maybe he’s not actually a bully. This was all in fun, but the image of t-rex riding off into the sunset on a little girl’s pink bike is hilarious in So many different ways. It also leaves me some questions, though. Like, t-rex has short arms. How exactly did he reach the handlebars? Also, as the little girl runs after him, does she know she might get eaten, or is she just thinking about her bike? I say if t-rex wants to take your bike for a spin, you let him. Take a look!

I don’t know who this little girl is, but she’s the kind of person bullies fear: she doesn’t take guff from anyone. Or, in this case, anything. And I figure if she can stand up to t-rex, she can stand up to anyone.

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