Little Boy Gets Into His Mom’s Makeup

Kids love exploring their mama’s makeup, and this little baby is no exception. I’m not sure exactly how he got into the purse, but once he got in, BOY HOWDY did he make himself at home. The other thing I’m not sure of is what it is kids love about their mama’s makeup, except that it’s fun to play in. It feels cool. And it makes cool colors on, well, everything. And little Ted here took full advantage of that while mommy’s back was turned. Hopefully she’s like me and keeps the good stuff somewhere else, but if not I truly feel badly for mom. Though, I’m guessing she couldn’t stop laughing at the site of her little completely covered in lipstick and more. Take a look!

If this mama’s like me she has a lot of other things in her purse that little’s shouldn’t get into, too, so as I watch this I’m just grateful it was the makeup and not something else. Plus, this will be an awesome video to share at his high school graduation. Payback is a dish is better served very, Very cold, after all…

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