No One Ever Wonders About How Hard It Is For Darth Vader In The Bathroom…

When we think about Star Wars we think about Darth Vader and all the bad he’s done. And yes, he’s not exactly the best of guys but something we don’t really think about is what it must be like to be him. I mean, his childhood wasn’t exactly ideal, and he didn’t get to watch his kids grow up, which sucks, but the mask. Think about what it’s like to live in a mask at all times. It can’t be easy. How does he eat? How does he cough? Can you imagine how steamy it must be up in there? I hadn’t really thought about how hard it must be to be Darth Vader before, but after watching this video my eyes are opened and, well, it isn’t easy. Take a look!

Poor Darth. Just wants to shave and brush his teeth like anyone else. Maybe that’s something we should think about next time we get focused on what a bad guy he was. Maybe he’s not actually bad…maybe he’s just really really thirsty and has incredibly bad breath?

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