New babies throw everyone for a loop. Especially first time parents. Not that veterans have it made, but at least they know somewhat what to expect. Those newbies, though, there is no way for them to predict everything they’re going to go through with that little one. Moms, at least, are given a 9-month lead up. They go through sleepless nights, uncomfortable positions, rearranging their entire lives for this child who isn’t even here yet. But dad’s? As much as dads want to think they’re ready for this whole parent thing, there is absolutely no way for them to be ready until that little one is finally in their arms. And then, THEN they find themselves so underprepared that it can be overwhelming. It isn’t all bad, though. Because in the end we have this incredible new human who is trusting us for their everything. This dad decided to share what it was like for him with his new baby, and he definitely captured the essence of new dadhood. Take a look!

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