Puppies have no boundaries. As I write this my new puppy is currently chewing on my big toe and alternately sniffing the cat’s derrière. And the cat? She does not like this. No boundaries. When I brought this little sweetie home she immediately decided that my big dog, who outweighs her by well over 100 pounds, was the perfect chew toy/bounce house/chasing buddy. He? Well he didn’t take to her as fast. But that’s the thing with puppies. Given enough time they wear you down with their exuberance, and pure love. The puppy in this video met a bigger dog and saw nothing but a friend, but the bigger dog was just not quite as impressed. Take a look!

Like I said, no boundaries. Given time, if these two spent a lot of time together I’m sure that sweetie would wear the bigger dog down. But, alas, that is not meant to be. Instead hopefully she’ll have learned a social cue about personal space and how not to approach other dogs. Chances are she didn’t. But, that would be the hope.

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