These Foxes Found A Trampoline And Started Doing What We All Do

I’m not sure there’s a human alive who has seen a trampoline and didn’t want to immediately start jumping on it. Is that even grammatically correct? I’m not sure, because now I’m just thinking about our trampoline in the backyard and what I’ll be doing as soon as I’m done here. But, I digress. Turns out humans aren’t the only ones who really Really love trampolines. In my own backyard I’ve seen squirrels skitter across ours. I’ve seen birds hang out on the netting. And I’ve seen more than one neighborhood cat climb up there to rest for the night. That’s all well and good. What I’ve never seen is any of them jump. These foxes? Yeah, they’re about to change all of that. When these wild foxes stumbled upon this trampoline, they immediately started doing what we all do: jump. Take a look!

They look like they had a blast! According to the person who posted the video, she saw them having fun out there one time, only once, and they never came back. I suppose sometimes once is all you need. I’m so glad she caught it on video for us to see, though. I’d do anything to see those feral cats jumping around. That would truly make my day.

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