Toddler Tries To Sing ABC’s, But Mixes Them Up With Another Song…

When you’re little, learning anything new is hard business. And everything is new. So no only do you have to learn to walk and talk and do all that stuff, but then you have to learn how to do all the stuff the big kids are doing. Like the ABC’s. And that’s not easy. I mean, there are 26 letters and you have to sing it to a song? Who came up with that? But as this little girl quickly shows, it’s even more complicated than all of that! So she’s got the ABC’s, right, but know what other song has the same tune? Yeah, she knows. And when her mom asks her to sing her ABC’s, well, there’s a bit of a mix-up halfway through. Take a look!

How cute is she? I know as a parent we have all been there, but it’s so cute to be reminded of just how hard this all is for those littles. Don’t worry, kiddo, you’ll have it all down fast enough. And until then you just keep being your cutie pie little self.

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