When you’re a kid, and you’re bored, anything can become a toy. Which is exactly what these boys in Brazil figured out. Their local playground had become basically ruin, but kids being kids, they figured out a way to play anyway. Not the most safe of play, but they’re kids and invincible, and basically if you don’t have a heart attack during every other second of this video, I’m not sure we watched the same video. These kids hold on for dear life as they sway back and forth, back and forth, swinging the old toy up higher and higher, to the point that they are holding on with nothing more than their hands and an absolute lack of understanding on how gravity works. Take a look!

I get that kids will be kids and they’re going to find ways to have fun no matter what, but watching this leaves me torn. On one hand I’m so grateful my kids have safe equipment to play on and they aren’t risking life and limb just to have a good time…on the other hand, even though this scares the pee out of me, I’m kinda sad my kids will never be in a place where they have to invent their own kind of fun. What do you think?

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