Kids love balloons. There’s something so fun about watching something almost as light as air float above your head and come back down, landing on your fingertips. When we were kids we loved playing balloon volleyball, which (of course) was really just seeing who could keep the balloon from touching the ground for the longest. If if fell on your turn, you were out. So much fun. One thing we learned pretty quickly (and something this little boy seems to only be learning now) is that balloons and animals do not mix. Our first experience with that happened when our pet cat got annoyed with the flying balloon antics and jumped from her bed, grabbed the balloon mid-air, and received the biggest shock of her life when it popped. I’m guessing this puppy’s sharp little teeth left it just as confused when their balloon disappeared. Take a look! Balloons and animals don’t mix. This little boy knows it now. This puppy might not actually remember when it comes down to it. Still, there’s something so funny about watching them learn it the hard way…even if it meant their game was over for the day.

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