My aunt was always a small woman with really big opinions. At 4’8″, she’d stand toe-to-toe with her 6’5″ husband, and anyone else who tried to cross her path. I don’t know if it was because she was so little that she developed such a keen sense of bravery, but boy howdy, no one messed with her. Not even a little bit. Not that she wasn’t fun and amazing, but whatever Auntie wanted, Auntie got. I look at this house cat, Baggy, and it reminds me so much of her. Not that this cat would dare to cross my aunt, but showing a lack of size awareness that can only be compared to her, Baggy decides to challenge a lion…even with Baggy’s owner in the background begging him to back off. Take a look!

I love how the lion in this video really has no idea what’s up. She doesn’t feel threatened in the least, but she also has no idea why this tiny creature is coming at her with so much anger. Luckily, Baggy backed off eventually, and the lion went about her day, so all I’ve got to say is if Baggy ever needs a new home, I’m sure he and my aunt would get along swimmingly.

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