The Disgusting Way Mosquitoes Actually Draw Your Blood

If you’re out in the sun this summer, there’s a chance you’re getting the life sucked out of you. Mosquitoes are not only everyone’s least favorite thing about summer, but they’re also the deadliest creature in the world. Between malaria, west nile virus, zika, and every pest related pathogen in between, mosquitoes manage to kill more people that absolutely everything else. And what sucks about it is there is absolutely no biological reason for them to spread these illnesses. They do it because they’re jerks. Not only that, it’s only the females that are jerks. And, it turns out, the way they suck your blood isn’t as simple as the bite we all believed it to be. No. these tiny terrors actually have six needle-like appendages hidden in a sheath and rather than simply shoving them into you and sucking away, they actually do a lot of pretty horrifying things in the process. Take a look!

Seriously, it was bad enough when I thought they just stabbed us. Hearing the words “saw through your skin” is something I could have lived without forever.

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